February 15th, 2010


Dragon Age, Oz, and other fantasy worlds

There's been some muttering about the Australian Burning Man event - it seems there were ticket sales for a while, which have now closed, and the wording of the website is such that it seems you can no longer get a ticket unless you're with a theme camp or making art - which is kind of offputting. I emailed them and had a chat to find out what the deal was.

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Meanwhile, Dragon Age is living up to expectations. I'm enjoying the pretty, the customisability, and I also like that I can play anyone in the group in fights. I like that dropping a group member isn't a permanent decision - it means I can put together custom groups for whatever situation, and level a bunch of characters. I like that the male characters aren't all stereotyped impossible he-men the way they often are in games, although I was taken aback by the cut-scenes in which men thunder into battle in full body armour while the women are all in leather mini skirts. And I keep waiting for Morrigan's boobs to fall out of her top. I'm struggling a bit with selection of enemies in battle - I'm not used to the zoom-to-god-view and I keep forgetting to use it, but DA doesn't have the big clicky boxes over the mobs' heads, so they are harder to select from the ground.

It crashed twice last night, both in the same battle scene when you get to the castle courtyard in Redcliffe. The third time it got through fine (after I moved the battle off the stairs to the courtyard itself), so I'm hoping it's some kind of bug rather than my machine straining to do it - other than that, it's run beautifully. It does seem a factor in these kind of games that the further you get through, the longer each scene takes to load, though. I'm assuming this is normal.

And, I must be getting some self-control in my old age. I actually stopped playing at 11pm last night. Normally my new game MO is to lose quite a lot of sleep in the first week. Golly. Mature-ish Tats is mature-ish.

Finally, we saw It's Complicated. It wasn't what I would call the movie of the year, but I got some good laughs from it. Steve Martin is an android though, I've decided. He doesn't really look any different from how he did when I was a teenager.