February 11th, 2010


Thursday random

My shoulders hurt from doing handstands. I could think of worse reasons.

Dinner last night was a lot of fun, and the conversation was fast, amusing and easy. It was yet another reminder of one of the great Illuminati-related things that's come out of Kiwiburn for me - we're all friends and we made a party, and people came, and at the end of it we're still friends.

My life has been defined by a lot of moving around, ever since I was a kid it seems every four years or so it's up stakes and go somewhere where I don't know anyone. This means that friendships have been fleeting, and losing touch the norm - coming together and working intensely together for a purpose, then parting in what feels like a permanent way. I've now been in Wellington for nine years and formed lasting friendships with people, connections that feel permanent and don't require me to always be on my best behaviour to maintain. News flash Tats, you don't have to be perfect!

This brings me much joy, and sitting down with some of these people last night, basking in the comfortable easiness, the lack of struggle for conversation topics, the mutual understanding of each other's quirks of personality and celebration of those, is to me a gobsmackingly beautiful reminder of how much my life has changed and what a great thing it is to be part of a tribe of people who 'get' each other.

*group hug*

My life is very shiny. The people in it are what make it so. Thank you.

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