February 10th, 2010


In which I am Teh Wordy

Last night on my way home round the waterfront, I stood on a clear plastic broken pointy thing that was sitting on the concrete. It went through the sole of my shoe and into my foot. It didn't bleed much but I think it might be deeper than it looks, because today it's throbbing and reminding me with every step that sometimes looking down is a good plan. I figure that walking on it is also probably a good plan, since it's the ball of my foot and the pressure might help push any infection out. My twisted logic, fear it!

Also, I'd like to apologise in advance for any rain that might happen over the weekend. I booked in 20 lambs for Saturday, and the clouds started rolling in about an hour later. Sorry.

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And you probably talk too much too. ;-)

[EDIT] I should add that I'm willing to accept criticism on any of these views if anyone thinks I'm off track - part of me is wondering if I'm imagining stuff or making things bigger than they are through my own lens of mild disappointment in myself.