February 9th, 2010


In which Tats gets snappy about Snapper

I'm still in two minds about Snapper. I mean, I love the bloopy fish noises on the buses, although that's probably partly because for me they have novelty value since I don't use buses much - I can imagine if you rode the buses a lot, they could get annoying. But..

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Meanwhile, I'm enjoying Oblivion. It has shiny shiny graphics, interesting gameplay, and manages to strike a nice balance between hack 'n' slash, and adventure/puzzle questing. I am a little weirded out by the CGI teeth though. I know that teeth don't normally move, but the ones in Oblivion all look like false teeth - there's something about their even stillness that is just Not.Quite.Right. Uncanny valley?

Also, the Oblivion ponies move better than the World of Warcraft ones. I want one. I haven't figured out how to get one yet, but that's my mission for tonight.

(i also like the emphasis on mushrooms la la la)