February 5th, 2010


Preparing for the onslaught

Last night most of the festoonings came down from around the house and were packed away into plastic bins to keep them safe for next use. Only 6m to go! If you ever have the desire to make any space up to about 15m x 15m look like a Jazzercise class exploded in it, give me a yell, I can help.

I also took my old computer to bits in preparation for NEW INSIDES! The only thing left in there is the DVD drive, and it's all been vacuumed and polished within an inch of its life. When I say Shiny New Computer, the emphasis is on the shiny. Seriously, I am feeling rather chuffed with myself, and have a question - what does one do to get rid of old computer bits? The hard drives are not really worth salvaging, but the motherboard is still working well, it's just been superseded. Is it worth trying to give to someone in need or should I just trash it?

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Stop explaining and be happier!

Meanwhile, I just had a chat with the new manager. I think he and I are going to get along just fine. ;-) And I'm hoping that by the time I finish work, the aforementioned costumed crowds will be making their way to the stadium and Fidels will be relatively quiet. Hope to see you there.