February 4th, 2010



What to do with 64 metres of slightly-damp lilac lycra?

Answer: Strew it around every available surface in your house and pretend you're living in a bedouin tent decorated by your Grandma!

(it feels really nice when you brush past it by the way)

Yesterday the Wellington sunshine dried out 2 x canvas tents plus 1 x standard tent, and about 20m of lycra. Today, it's cold and overcast so our Grandma-styles may last into the weekend as we take the circus indoors. You Burning Man folks don't know how lucky you are with your dry dust and total lack of insect corpses to deal with.

Anyone know how to remove the beans from giant beanbags so you can wash the exterior (without adding fake snow to the festive atmosphere inside your house)?

Meanwhile, my new motherboard arrived this morning. Now I'm just waiting on the rest of the bits from Auckland that were couriered yesterday, and Aristotal will live! Mwuahaha! I'm looking forward to being able to clean up Socrates back to the dedicated university/djing machine that he's supposed to be, and have my desktop for utility again. Also, thanks to JetPilot for the accidental new electro/house. It's catchy, I like it.

This morning, anticipating an all day meeting, I had my first "I hate capitalism" moment since getting back from the burn. Usually it takes a week or so, but the sudden change of paddock-to-office in less than 24 hours seems to have brought it on sooner. This means it'll probably go away sooner too.

Finally, Platto has his first festival stain! Aww..