January 26th, 2010


Paddock bound

Apparently there may be 400 people there. Those accustomed to BM may not be impressed by this, but y'know the first year we had it in the North Island (2007) we thought there'd be just the 13 of us who organised it, sitting there having a party in a paddock - and instead there were 130. The numbers have increased by about 50 each year, but this year there seems to have been a critical mass of word-of-mouth, the ticket sales have jumped by 150 and it looks like I'm going to have to buy 3kg of giant jaffas.

Also, Hippy Dippy Happy Hug Time (Ambient) with DJ Tats, and Babykilling Psytrance with DJ Trainwreck, might actually have witnesses. Also, I will be sure to get photos to prove it happened.

I was going to post the lineup, but if you're not going to Kiwiburn you probably don't care and if you are going, you'll be there to see it.

So instead, see you on the other side.