January 21st, 2010


Uh oh, the bull is pawing the ground again!

So somebody introduced themself on a forum I belong to this morning, with a spiel that included this statement: "I do not use drugs, am a light drinker of vodka.".. yes folks, you can see where this is going.

Honey, you use alcohol, alcohol is a drug, ergo you DO use drugs. QED. I am restraining myself from PMing this person and pointing this out, barely by the skin of my teeth.

So, a question - you all know how important I think it is that people stop trying to kid themselves that alcohol isn't a drug. Some of you are also aware that I try to keep at least a small modicum of social polite/niceness - I know folks don't listen if you piss them off. Chances are I will see this person, er.. in person at some point. I feel morally obliged to at least mention this to them - it may seem like a small thing but the offhand way that folks separate alcohol from other drugs is dangerous IMO. Anyway, do I send them a polite message now, or do I wait till I see them and then accost them about something they probably forgot they said? What is the etiquette for talking to a complete stranger about something that's really important to you and was just an offhand comment to them?

Or do I get the hell over it because obviously I think too much and nobody else actually gives a shit?

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Yes yes I know I'm a wanker. Someone has to do it, might as well be me, right?

PS Transhumanist mormons? Now I've seen everything. Except the giant iboga tree.