January 20th, 2010


Please post interesting things for me

Still feeling kind of dodgy. Forgive me for going on about it, it's so rare that I get this kind of thing that it's something of a novelty for me. I'm mostly ok, just the odd batch of queasiness and some very strange sounds coming from my insides, and a feeling of general ill-thrift. Also, weirdly, my gums hurt.

Seems there's a bug going round. If this is what I have, it's not that bad but it'd still be better not to have it with Kiwiburn next week and a bunch of people living closely in less-sanitary-than-usual conditions. So please be extra careful with your hand washing and food prep folks. And I'll try not to spit on you mmk? Although I suspect I'll be fine by then.

Because my gastro-intestinal tract is so fascinating!

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I have to go to a wedding on Friday. What does one wear to a wedding?

The #arealwifey trending topic on Twitter is making me sad. Sometimes I'm all with the rage, sometimes I'm all with the intelligent commentary, but queasy insides get you down after a day or two and I haven't the energy to do anything but go *sigh*

Other things. Blah. Can someone else pick up the ball for me and run with it today please?