January 18th, 2010


An herb

Cilantro. Coriander. Favoured of chefs of exotic food, one of the ingredients in curry, touted as being a great remedy for indigestion, and hated by a large percentage of the population. It's one of those things people seem to either love or hate.

The jury seems to be out on whether it's a genetic thing or not, but the fact is that quite a lot of people, particularly those of European descent, find that coriander tastes like soap to them. When I was a kid I didn't think much of it - we hardly ever ate out and my Mum did standard English cooking mostly - but every now and then Dad would make a curry and I'd hate it. I always thought it was my English palate not being used to hot food.

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And then there's this. Seems it wasn't just me that found this offensive - but apparently AirNZ don't really care because it was 'meant in fun.' To which I say "Fun at whose expense?" Whoever it was that said 'collateral damage' was quite right. But apparently the promotion was intended to get women in my age group on board with Grabaseat. What they've actually done is chased me away. I cancelled my airpoints with them on Friday and will be signing with an airline that doesn't think sexual assault is a joke. I have tried to submit a complaint to the ASA several times, but their online complaints form seems to be playing up. Grr.

Also, I had a hilarious dream last night of which the only part I can remember is thinking "This is hilarious - I can't wait to tell ferrouswheel about it!" O.o