January 14th, 2010



Last night as we lay in bed, we figured out that relativity isn't all that helpful to tax evasion - travelling at the speed of light for a year would not exclude you from having to pay provisional tax.


And then I had a DJing related anxiety dream in which the cables kept falling out of the mixer and the track would run out while I was trying to fix it, and people kept coming over because they could hear it sporadically playing so there was audience exposure to my fail, and then when I finally got it fixed I played Baby Love by The Supremes. *points at self* Should probably spend some time practicing to alleviate performance anxiety.

So anyway, this blog has been SRS BSNS for the last few days - you've probably noticed eh? And while the things I've been talking about are all semi related and I could say BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! - I think it's time for some light relief.

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In other news, the Australian burn looks as if it’s going ahead with a schedule this year. Unfortunately it seems they are making it somewhat complicated to get tickets if you’re not attached to a theme camp – did anyone else subscribed to the list get a message informing them when the early ticket sales started? I didn’t, and now they’re closed. I’ve emailed the coordinators to enquire how internationals not attached to a theme camp may be able to get tickets – we’d love to support OzBurn but are limited by distance!

And finally, the reimbursement for my study fees will be in my bank account tomorrow! This means I can order the bits for my new FrankenPuter (which I have decided will be a Mash 3000 named Aristotal) TOMORROW!

*jumps up and down and squees a bit*