January 13th, 2010


Slashariffic! Or.. not.

Seen on Twitter this morning:

"The problem with slash is that people start to interpret any male bonding in films as gay sub-text."

Go on, deny it. Harry Potter, Star Trek, 300, Sherlock Holmes. Particularly Sherlock Holmes, because it's current, and pretty much everyone I know who's seen it has said "Gay subtext." I haven't seen it so I don't know if there's gay subtext or not - however lots of folks say there is so I'll go with that.

Someone said, in response: "Problem? No, I don't see a problem." In a cheeky, humourous way, for sure. But something about it made me go "Hmm.."

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Meanwhile, The Algebraist is eating my brain. It's teased me into itself with vignettes that don't quite conclude, don't quite connect, that fascinate without satisfying, and now I'm absorbed by the way the author is drawing the facets together. It's an intriguing new way of storytelling. I like it.

* Exceptions: Children, animals, dead bodies. Yes, I think consent's important, why do you ask?