January 9th, 2010


Lavender chickens that lay green eggs and other farmyard tales

So it turns out the show sheep were not three but ten, comprising three ewes, 6 lambs and a ram. And they were moorits. Cue me going "OMG how the hell do you shear this wrinkly critter with HORNS clean to the skin without cutting it?" internally, while maintaining nonchalance externally.

Turns out you don't. You go over it with a hover-technique to get the wool off, then once the weight of wool isn't pulling the skin out in funny places, you go over it again to cut off the bits you left behind the first time. Then you advise your clients that the ram would benefit from a bit of hairdressing around his horns with scissors just before showtime. You also perform Impossible Yoga to get into the right position to cut their front socks off.

Horns make convenient handles though. Also, it's past the solstice now and the days are getting shorter. You might not have noticed but the sheep have, the ewes are gearing up to start cycling and the ram knows it. In response he's started manufacturing MIASMA* which came home with me on my clothes and sent First into raptures. Shearing rams between here and April is going to be a pongy business.

And they paid me double. Voluntarily. And gave me some green eggs laid by lavender chickens.

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You learn something new every day.

Meanwhile, I bought lunch plates. I know, my life is so exciting. And my thought for today, after witnessing the behaviour of an elderly lady, is to express hope that when I'm old, my life experience will have made me more compassionate than judgemental. I may have to fight the judgemental, I can feel it sneaking up behind me sometimes.

Oh oh oh! And geek update! Last night ferrouswheel and I did a compare and contrast of prices for computer bits and I'm going to do the buy-parts-and-put it together thing. Because I'll get a better machine for the same money. And with a new hard drive instead of my 27 old ones, the install should be a breeze, right? Right?

(i did not let him talk me into either the 1000W power supply or the three video cards. see, i have some restraint)

And for those I was talking to about it today: Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose. ;-)

* MIASMA - the lastest in pheromone-based cologne for the rutting sheep-about-town. More goaty, more pungent, more long-lasting than ever before! So strong it'll flavour your sausages!