January 6th, 2010


On the demonic properties of technology - a treatise

Our wireless router is possessed. No really, it is. And at the moment I think it's gone into its secret cave to concoct demonic rituals for the destruction of mankind.

It started with the usual "Oh look, no internet!" problem. Turn off, turn on, lalala, this usually does the trick. But no, still no internet. Ping the router. Hmm, no router. BUT LOOK, IT'S RIGHT THERE! I can see it! It has flashy lights, blinking innocuously at me!

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The moral of this story is.. um.. I don't really know what the moral is. Except that I feel vaguely guilty every time I ask anyone close to me for tech support advice on how to fix things myself. Gear failure is one of the most frustrating things ever, but for me it's superseded by the sense of powerlessness in not having the knowledge and skills to fix it (this may be the reason for my polymathiness - it's not a gift it's a stubborn determination to be self-reliant). And asking for help, for me = using people. I'm aware this is a warped view of how things work, but there you go. Mah failing, let me show you it.

Anyway, wafflewafflewaffle. We went to firespinning last night for the first time in ages. It was fun and I'm pleasantly achey. And you should see pombagira with her fans. Pretty!