January 1st, 2010


Dawn of the New Year - I saw it, did you?

At 3:51pm on New Years Day, 2010, I'm sitting in bed typing up an LJ post on my (umm.. not a laptop.. umm) teenytinycutebutdeadly machine. "WTF Tats you lazy sod, why still in bed?" I hear you mutter. Well, umm.. yesterday was a really long day. Yep.

My clients in Emerald Hill have this wether called George. George is a South Suffolk and he's nine. Little known fact about sheep - once they reach adulthood, they keep growing for another 4-5 years. Just a smidgin, but enough so that at nine, George stands about halfway up my thigh at the wither and he's fat so he has about 20 kilos on me. He's another one of those sheep I have to get innovative to get the wool off him, and stepping up the neck/going round the last shoulder takes two hands. Luckily pombagira came with me and was able to relieve me of the handpiece at opportune moments.

And then I finished the Illuminati cloaks. All of them. There's only hemming to do, for which I need to round up the various Masters for a fitting (no mean feat - gathering the Illuminati is like herding.. umm.. invisible members of a secret society). But then it's done! And hopefully I won't have to make any more purple stuff for a while. I'm kind of done with purple for the time being.

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So now it's 6:12pm and I've actually got out of bed and am eating pizza, watching Star Trek. Dancing, happiness, touching, good friends, great *censored*, sleeping in, pizza, cheesy movies. Looks like this is going to be a year of fun and enjoyment.

I hope yours is too.