tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

You too?

I saw the people queueing in the rain this morning. I didn't realise so many people didn't understand or have the internet. I was also heartened by the huge variety of people, from teenage goth types to suited business people, all queueing in the rain.

[EDIT] OK, maybe those people are onto something. Message from the ticket site: "Our system is busy due to a large event on sale."

What kind of retarded business IS this?

Putting large events on sale is what they do. It's ALL they do. Yet they can't deal with the traffic from said large event. Hmm - maybe they've been inundated with ticket-buying bots and it's brought their site down. But, hello? They ought to be geared to cope with that. *unimpressed*

Such is the popularity of U2. They have, I think, become like Pink Floyd in their perenniality (yay for invented words) and broadness of appeal. Last time they came was 12 years ago and I was too poor. The time before that I was too young and Mum wouldn't let me (and I was too poor). This time I have an internet-savvy friend doing the deed for me. ROAD TRIP!!! Wheeee!

*crosses fingers*

In other news, there isn't any other news. I'm off to a conference tomorrow to play team building games with people I get paid to hang out with, and to attempt to stay awake through talks about leaky buildings and licensing laws. Wish me luck. The upside is that it's in Wairakei so there may be hot pool goodness.

Mmm, hot pools.

Oh yeah. I dreamed I was living in a tent in the desert with segrada and we were running a $2 shop which was strangely well-patronised considering the dust storms and 60knot winds and the lack of walls and roof. Blanket Guy was there too. I'm not sure I want to analyse this one..
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