December 22nd, 2009


I'll work up to frobnicating

Seems I've set up some weird association in my head between sewing and mixing. I sat down last night, determined to get a handle on this mixer thingy and how to use it, and also to carry on sorting my EDM collection into Would Play For Others and Meh. And 2 tracks in, the desire to start sewing overcame me. Cue a couple of hours spent zipping backwards and forwards between mixer and sewing machine, and further progress on the Pile O Cloaks - with only a couple of Sack The DJ moments!

And Will, you would have been proud of me - I twiddled! (experimentally!) I'm told removing the bass from one track can assist with the blending, so I had a go with that. The result - yes it works, but needs more practice. Also, I probably shouldn't let my fingers wave around too much when fiddling with the crossfader, eh? Oops.

I also haven't figured out (yet) how to adjust the volume in my headphones so that it compensates for the deafness in my left ear - at the moment the new track (right ear) is drowning out the playing track (left ear) so I have to use the monitor (hehe - this being a fancy word for the speaker right by my desk) to judge it from. Hmm.

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Today we're finishing at 2pm. Given that my holiday is less than 2 weeks, I'm probably overexcited about this - but it's the first holiday for a while that I get to spend at home instead of running around having adventures. And that in itself is quite exciting.

Also, Sensifeel = totally not electro. WTF AmieStreet?

(luckily it mostly falls into that Psy-House, Morning-Psy category I like so much)

Now, how to entertain myself for the next 3 hours? I've already tidied my desk..