December 21st, 2009

going native

Hey look I'm smart and dumb at the same time!

Only a day and a bit to go! And suddenly, all the other organisations seem to be having an efficiency drive of 'must see by COB tomorrow' things that are landing on my desk to deal with. Oh well, the time will go fast..

Over the weekend I read this essay, and others like it (warning, spoilery if you haven't seen Avatar). Lots of people are intelligently discussing themes, tropes, and a variety of -isms in relation to this movie. Why am I reading this stuff?

Collapse )

Anyway, the outcome of this is that I'm going to hire Enemy Mine, because I'm told it's good in terms of avoiding said issues. And I have to see for myself and compare.

Anyone seen it?

On another, girly TMI note - any of you ladies use a cup? Are they any good? Problems? I'm tired of the monthly outlay and hassle, looking to make a change.

PS ferrouswheel brought me a mixer! It's shiny! And the next step in my delving of the esoteric world of beatmatching. *excited*

Victory! With added TMI!

It seems Commonsense Organics is indeed the place for all your cup needs. As long as you need a Mooncup. They only had one kind and they came in two sizes for $52.

Yes, I had to stand there asking myself what size my bits are. However, they make it pretty simple. The suitably crunchy-looking lady at the counter assured me that they are better than sliced bread, and for this job I damn well hope so. Anyway, the instructions were simple and so far so good. I will keep you posted, whether you like it or not. It should pay for itself within 6 months, anyway.

Also, WTF New Zealand? This kind of technology as an environmentally friendly alternative to tampons, and you can only find one variety tucked away in the back corner of a hippie shop? These things should be out the front of mainstream pharmacies!