December 17th, 2009


The year in nicely packaged soundbites

I don't understand. In fact, it wasn't something I'd ever even thought about before. But Filament's 'Men With Vegetables'* section is doing things to my brain. First it was the guy with the celeriac, and this month there's a chap with brussels sprouts held between his fingers. He's not even a guy I'd normally find attractive, and yet.. I find myself fascinated by these pictures - the photographer has done their job really well in displaying the *cough* vegetables *cough* in a stimulating way..

Suggestive-guy-with-vegetable fetish developing? Well gosh.

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Oh, also - people. You lot. My tribe. I could write a lot about you but it would get soppy really fast and you know why, anyway. In short, please keep being you, mmk?


On another note, seems like just about everyone thinks teachers should be paid more. I wonder why they aren't?

* actually the recipe section but anyone who knows me knows exactly how interested I am in cooking.

** which all claim they are multidisciplinary

There's a thing on LJ

It's a Christmas promotion thingy.

What they're doing is giving all paid users 10 coupons that they can send to other folks who don't have a paid account, which gives them a discount of $10 on a year's subscription. So with one of these coupons you can get a year's LJ sub for $9.95 US(ap) or $15US(manual).

To which we go " ... " Gee thanks, LJ.

Not the cleverest or most heartfelt gift I've ever had from a business. However, I have these 10 coupons and if anyone was thinking of getting a paid account and wants a discount, make a comment and I'll send you one till they're gone.