December 16th, 2009


This post needs a title

So I got a response from Toyota Australia about the letter I sent. It was an apology and undertaking to review their decision-making processes. The writer of the ad, on the other hand, has responded publically by saying "Suck my dick."

Because that's a great way to drum up business and make professional corporations want to use your services.

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Meanwhile, only 4 working days till holiday! And tomorrow, pombagira gets her tattoo, which I'm excited about.

And my copy of Filament finally arrived. Dear NZPost, thank you for not failing completely. However, it'd be nice if living in deepest suburbia didn't disadvantage me by a week with things that are all posted at the same time. Please fix it. Cheers, Tats.

Now where's that map of the internet?


I was just involved in an internet debate with someone. As part of that I made this statement:

".. if your Daddy drove you to St Cuthbert's in the beamer or you walked or bussed to Tauraroa Area School.."

I chose TAS because it was my old high school (OHAI Brian Donnelly). Turns out the other person actually did go to that school, and the poor girl spent the afternoon thinking I was a crazy internet stalker and wondering how the hell I got my hands on that information. Yikes!

Luckily, discovering this led to an opening to end the debate peacefully. Which is always nice.