December 14th, 2009


Hedonism and the joys of shearing

When did hedonism get usurped and turned into something viewed as bad? I was reading something (can't remember what) this morning and it was all "Blah blah blah judgey judgey, PURELY FOR THEIR OWN HEDONISTIC PLEASURE!" Like doing something purely for pleasure is a bad thing.

I don't understand. Does there have to be higher purpose, good work and planet-savingness in everything I do for it to be considered good?

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Meanwhile, I'm having quite a time finding wrapping paper that isn't all Christmassy. I like spending time wrapping gifts and making them look nice, and I find the Christmas gift wrap is generally too garish to be able to colour-match the way I like to. I'm looking for just plain paper. And as usual, if I'd thought of this in June there'd be loads around..

Also - I have 6 1/2 working days till holiday time. Meanwhile, the Illuminati cloak making endeavour has extended - I now have 8 more to make. Anyone who's interested in a stitch-n-bitch session and has either sewing or pressing skills, is invited to come and roll around in a sea of purple. And as reward, we may not infiltrate you quite so obviously. Maybe.