December 11th, 2009


The demon drink - now in pill form!

Alcohol in pill form? I'm having trouble finding a link to the actual study, which is unfortunate because I tend not to trust news sites to be giving accurate information. However, it seems a Russian scientist has discovered a way to make alcohol in powder form and put it in a pill.

To which I go "Hmm.."

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I'll be a bit late to Fidels tonight as I have to go get my car out of car-hospital. $570 later *ouch*

Also, we survived the work dinner! Flight of the Conchords ripoff band, extremely devout workmate crossing herself and all. Work gave me two hats, a coffee cup and a pen for Christmas. They have the company logo on them. And I so wanted a pony..

* Unless of course the funk involves James Brown but that seems unlikely.