December 10th, 2009


In other news

I got a comment notification! One! It came from a community and it was someone telling me I was wrong!

I think the people at LJ must be having 'interesting times'. I picture the developers I know and how they would be in this situation and want to send the LJ team a care package containing Valium. But I also want my userpics back, damnit. Or at least acknowledgement and indication that something will be done at some point once they have the major stuff sorted. That would be nice.

I feel like I have something to say on the use of testing kits, but I think that's a post for DrugR.

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La la la..

Oh yeah, there was something else. Idly wondering this morning if you created little AI beings and put them in an artificial world, would they evenutally come up with religion?

And would you have to introduce a talking snake to get them to have sex?