December 9th, 2009


Further to yesterday's discussion

I feel as though I've done a few rounds with Bruce Lee. I have impressive bruises on my left inner thigh and I think I may have a Thetan infestation in both buttocks. I realise now why these sheep are the only ones I have nightmares about - it's because they can actually hurt me. They're big and strong and have legs long enough to get me in the face when they flail. However, opposable thumbs won the day and once these guys are done, everything else seems easy. Three mobs to go...

Yesterday a comment was made on my post about Holland that got discussion going:

"The real issue is people with self destructive urges will find ways to satisfy them. People who want to die will find a way. The hard drugs are for suicides in progress and as a American who believes in individual rights, I strongly support the right of anyone to suicide. I really wish they wouldn't try to take the rest of us with them, but I have to be realistic about this. Most motorcyclists are in a similar headspace as a hard drug user, a FPS video game addict."

Some people took issue with the comparison between motorcyclists and 'hard' drug users. Others took issue with the idea that motorcyclists have 'self-destructive urges' and that's why they do it. If you want a full picture of what was said, read the thread. There's discussion of anecdata vs statistics, observation vs research, and not a little of 'I know lots of people who do this that and the other' on both sides, and general agreement that the original statement was wrong. So I thought I'd go have a look and find out for myself.

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By the way, LJ seems to have stopped emailing me comment notifications. I've opened a ticket with them but I'm probably in a queue of several thousand with the same problem - so until I get that sorted I'm keeping up with discussion manually and it's.. er.. interesting.

Also - I like online present shopping. Makes my life easier. Also, parcels in the mail! *squee*