December 8th, 2009


Pragmatism in the extreme

Last night we watched a documentary called Sex, Drugs and Democracy. It was about Holland. Not sure when it was made but I'm guessing early 1990s, so I'm not sure how accurate it is these days. It looked at Holland's constitution and the way it affects people's lives, particularly with reference to freedom of choice and its relationship with various social problems. The obvious differences between Holland and most other western nations are their drugs policy and their prostitution policy. Drugs are not legal there, but they are tolerated. Prostitution is legal. But it seems to go much deeper than that, in the way the people view their freedoms and the freedoms of other people.

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Anyway, one of the things that arose from watching the documentary for me was a desire to assert the non-sexualness of my breasts. I think I should be able to take my shirt off in any situation where a man is able to. And I'm kind of tired of social pressure to hide my breasts because they are somehow more sexual than ferrouswheel's, and therefore it's unacceptable for them to be seen. And I think I'm articulate enough to argue this, or discuss it, with people who have an interest in keeping my breasts sexual. So, um.. people who are my friends, you may be seeing more of them. Possibly also of me getting carted off for being 'offensive'*.

This morning I looked in the mirror and didn't double take and wonder who it was.

* Don't worry, I'm not about to take my shirt off in a restaurant, I understand about appropriateness of place/context. But if men can get their shirts off and have it be ok, then so can I, damnit. And I believe in walking the talk.