November 26th, 2009


RIP Whale

So last night I shore Ronny, Timmy, Freckles and Checkers again, along with 15 of their cousins. Ronny and Freckles are two of my oldest clients. This year I'm happy to report that they have both actually lost some weight and had much less trouble breathing while being shorn. Meanwhile, the Whale of Woodburn Drive is no more. I knew going into winter that his teeth were a bit munted and warned them that he might not make it (this because he was thinner and for this sheep to lose weight, something must be wrong, so I checked). Grace and Lucky were in good nick though.

The folks who didn't know they had a ram now only have two sheep, one of which is the ram, who is now a fine 2-tooth. I warned them that in a few months he'll probably start to get stroppy with their kids. This in the forlorn hope that they'll replace him with something smaller and less testosteroney before he tops 100kg. The owner of the Johnsonville pub now has 6 ex-tailenders from last year that you can barely see for the amount of grass he has. He needs about 20 more of the same, because tailenders need that extra grass and he could finish them nicely on what he has. As it is, it'll mostly go to seed and lose its goodness.

It was nice to do the Woodburn Drive run and catch up with the people. I went to 6 farms and shore 19 sheep. One of them in the middle of the paddock, where we just walked up to it and did the job.

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[EDIT] As pointed out by beagl, my maths up there *points* is FUBARed. This is me laughing at myself. But you get the idea, right?

In other news, I want to live here:

With or without the lights (they are art apparently) - it's the place I like. I love the way the grassy slope drops off out of sight, it makes me want to go see what's down there - and the same on the other side of the valley.

Also, I probably should have done the 'week in pictures' thing. I'm having an interesting week, visually. Oh well. Next week!