November 25th, 2009


This is not good for my disposition

I have seen far too many SURPRISE!genitals pictures this week. Don't ask. Rob Brezsny is no help: "Your story is taking a hotter and wetter and
more cosmically comical turn."
Thanks dude.

Further to the cyclist thing the other day, this morning I encountered possibly the same guy, in the same place, only this time it was me that he had to cut off to perform his manoeuvre-of-choice. I drove defensively, slowed down, even hand signalled for him to 'please, do your thing, I see you and it's ok' - and nearly got rear-ended by the person behind me who was following too close.

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Anyway, in happier news, the sun's out and I have 20 sheep to shear tonight. This will bring it down to only 20 to catch up before the KB work weekend. *phew*

Also, I might be doing 2 fire performances on Saturday now, one in Ashurst and one in Wellington. Yikes.

I'm liking my house in the spring. The morning sun comes in, the afternoon sun comes in, it's warm and nice and you can actually have doors and windows open without freezing. And there are flowers. ;-)