November 23rd, 2009


Trying to avoid running over cyclists

Yesterday we went to see Moon. Not to be confused with New Moon! Instead of sparkly vampires playing baseball and watching people sleep in a creepy way, we have a cast of anything-but-thousands (I counted seven actors) and a guy working for three years as sole operator of an energy-harvesting base on the moon, with only a robot named GERTY (played by the ever-convincing Kevin Spacey) for company. Near the end of his tour of duty, he starts to hallucinate, which causes him to prang his moon vehicle, and everything goes a bit haywire after that. It's worth seeing, makes you think, and is based on a good story with good acting instead of relying on action scenes and CGI to maintain interest. Also, it's haunting me. And it's on at the Penthouse right now, in the theatre that has COUCHES!

I thoroughly approve of couches in theatres.

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We bought a vacuum cleaner. It has Super Suction Powers! In that you can see it lifting the carpet as you go, it's that sucky. We are most pleased with this developement. Also, it's nice that someone realised that an extra 3m of cable means you can reach the whole house from one power point. I approve.

Things I also approve of: The Kid's latest batch of friends-that-came-to-stay. They were pleasant, polite, engaged, and actually spoke to us. I liked them and they're welcome back. Whoah.