November 21st, 2009



Which means I get a reprieve and may actually have some life at the psy party tonight.

Today will be productively spent buying a vacuum cleaner and playing computer games.

Can I let First eat it?

It also means that in order to catch up (I'm now 50 behind due to the weather), I'm going to start shearing after work. I can probably do 15-20 in an evening without too much trouble, and so 2-3 days of that will catch me up.

Repeat after me: I will NOT be shearing after Christmas.

PS Dear neighbour,

Congratulations, you have managed to teach your puppy a nifty trick, by bringing it in whenever it barks. Now, whenever you put it out, it barks constantly till you let it back in. YOU may be able to ignore it, but it's about 2m from my bedroom window when it does it.

Please do not be putting your puppy outside at 5:30am and 11:30pm, no matter how much it's annoying you. I have a subwoofer.

Be warned.

I also know how to train her to be quiet but I'm not sure my offer would be appreciated given the way I'd deliver it at 5:30am after being woken up by said puppy