November 20th, 2009



Last night there was girly gathering in the park, with extra added salty fatty carbohydrates and nutritious conversation. Normally when fuvenusrs, rivet and I gather, we're forced to stay a couple of arms' lengths apart due to having hoops rotating around our middles. It was nice to just sit and talk in physical proximity like normal people. I learned about the toes of ballet dancers, and how I probably wouldn't want to meet them in a dark alley while walking home.

And then, as I was walking home, my cellphone rang. It was a client wanting advice about castrating lambs. The conversation lasted my entire walk up the hill (6 minutes) and it wasn't till the end of it that I realised I'd been doing that farmer Shout Into The Phone thing. So now all my neighbours know that if you want to castrate a lamb that's reached sexual maturity, it's really a job for the vet, but if they're younger I'm happy to help. O.o

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Last night I dreamed about Happy. Dude, I'm glad you're not like that in real life. ;-/