November 16th, 2009


Dragons please! Big red ones!

So I walked to work this morning with a copy of Baldur's Gate tucked under my arm. Yes I am that cool - I had heard of it but never played it. While I consider myself to be a gamer, I tend to find a game and play it to death* (ie explore all possibilities, story threads and characters) rather than dabble in a variety. Thus, my knowledge of the huge list of available games is somewhat limited.

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In other news, shearing Polwarths yesterday reminded me that it's been nearly a year. The day I did these sheep last year was the day before my first date with Dr Wheel, and the clients asked me about it yesterday. I blushed. Seriously.

Also, today is the anniversary of my very first LJ post. Apparently I was in one of my 'trying to be like everyone else' phases then, as evidenced by the reference to beer. 6 years and counting..

I am sore.

[EDIT] While I'm at it - gamers! What's your Top 5 and why? Looking for recommendations here..