November 14th, 2009


That time of year yet again (5 years now and counting I've been doing this)

I ground my shearing gear. It involves large (14 inch) plates with emery paper stuck to them, spinning at high speed. You then apply the flat side of the combs or cutters to the emery using a device called a pendulum, the sparks fly and it gets ground nice and sharp. Tomorrow is the first shearing day of the season. I am not fit for it. There's nothing you can do to get fit for shearing, except shearing. *gulp* But it's only 18 so a nice easing into it gently.

Grinding my gear always makes me feel strong and capable and stuff. It's heavy machinery (45kg) and there are sparks. Most people think I'm using a bench grinder and it is, but I guess you could call this a bench grinder on steroids. Vis (9 sec video):

Hence the feeling of wanting to beat my chest afterwards.

In other news, it's the question meme! If you like, leave a comment with a bad pun in it and I'll ask you five questions about yourself. You're supposed to answer them in your LJ (which would be cool because my flist could do with more activity), but if you wanted you could post answers here too.

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As always, no obligation to repost.