November 9th, 2009


Reedin 4 funn and prophet

So. Reading. I read a forum the other day that was discussing some research that indicated that reading comic books is just as good for children as reading text-only books. Perhaps not surprisingly, this discussion brought out all the folks who claimed their 7-year-old was a little genius reading War and Peace because they were pushed to for fun and that other kids reading comics = proof that my kid's better than your kid therefore I'm a better parent Teh Stoopid, and it turned into a very entertaining flamewar.

I abstained. I know, pat me on the back. But anyway, it got me thinking about reading in general.

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In other news, I had some Raro* on Saturday night (see Tats push the boundaries!), and I seem to have had some kind of Screaming Itchy reaction to it. I narrowed it down to this through not having had anything else unusual or been in any strange environments. I wonder what's in Raro that might cause suce a reaction?

* I haven't had Raro for maybe 6 or 7 years

PS Please don't rain, I have to walk to Newtown today.