November 8th, 2009


Wot I did on my weekend

Leftover stuff from the geek mansion!
Kid from Pukerua Bay where he'd spent the night with friends after paintballing!
2 x albums by Carbon Based Lifeforms, 2 x albums by Deep Forest!

Fluoro green fans which now won't fall apart in the middle of a party!
The Kid's fire staff!
Mum's fish pond with anti-algae stuff!

Cleaned and tidied:
Under dog kennel (ew)!
Lawn edges, bark garden, dandelions that were invading the lawn!

Friday night's semi-impromptu firespinning at Breaker Bay Burn!
Festival functional cloak as blanket in Ranty Dave's loft!
Saturday afternoon chilling and company!
An evening with nobody in the house but me (I can neither confirm nor deny the naked dancing)!

Not so much:
First finally having had enough of the fireworks after four days and hiding in her kennel!
Being considered the arse-end of the world and not worth it!

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And they wonder why people resort to piracy?

[EDIT] Made:

Palm candles.