November 6th, 2009


Off he goes

And he's off again! We had ferrouswheel for a week in which he moved house, completed last night - now he's somewhere in the air on the way to Christchurch. I have the envies again, not for the Python* conference, but for Mystic Forest. Just.Wanna. Speaking of which, if you get the opportunity to get your hands on Ray Spoonhead's track Mystic Forest, it's awesome.

Anyway, thinking about the here-he-is, there-he-goesness of Dr Wheel's recent life got me to thinking about the old Pearl Jam song Off He Goes. So, because I'm not above it, I went and hunted out the lyrics:

Collapse )

* Geeks swear black and blue that this is in reference to Monty Python, but I reckon it's an ironic nod to those penis references common to 14 year old boys hacking in their Mum's basement.