October 29th, 2009


I have an exam

But for those of you interested in the topic of yesterday's post (elective caesarian birth), please go read thesecondcircle's comment for a far more articulate possible explanation for the gut feeling that I lots of women who commented have that it's 'not right'.

I noted that in the comments on that post, almost all women said they felt there was something off about it but couldn't really explain it, and quite a number of the men were focusing on the choice aspect for women. Don't know why, care to explain?

Right - broken windows, Christie's victims, penal populism, restorative justice. Course I know what I'm talking about....

And now for something completely different

What do you make of this? Offered up as an alternative to the pickup artist style of doing things, I bring you The Art Of Manliness. Thanks, silona. That's the first time those LJ Twitter feed things have ever been useful to me.

I'm not sure what I think. That dinner date one bulged my eyes a little, but some of the others I thought were quite cool. I would like and respect a man who behaved like that.


[EDIT] I really like this one: On integrity.