October 23rd, 2009


In which Tats gets back to her roots.. or stems, or leaves, or something

Courtesy of danjite, I bring you.. Regretsy! (potentially nsfw). Everyone's familiar with Etsy, right? The site where you can sell your handmade items? Regretsy showcases the.. err... more unique items to be found on there. I was surprised at some of the things people want money for.

Thing for Happy. You may have read it already, but it talks about liveweight gain in bulls based on pasture quality. I'm actually surprised at the numbers there - to me, the top gain of 1.7kg/day on Waikato pasture is less than the expected gain on Wairarapa hill country. The climate could account for some of it.. anyway, the top weight gains experienced in the Wairarapa were ~3kg/day - however those were compensatory growth and most people considered 2kg/day to be average to good.

And, to bat the ball back at you completely, what do you think of endophytes? Their claimed summer/autumn weight gain for lambs is good (in spring I'd expect 300-400g/day but summer/autumn not so much).

Lalala, farm geekery... it makes me happy and bores the crap out of everyone else.

I'll be at Fidels tonight, trying not to cough on people. How could you possibly turn down this attractive offer?