October 22nd, 2009


Things To Do Thursday

What I have done so far:

Phoned the bank and finally got my non-existent credit card account statements stopped. Last time I did this the CSR couldn't find the account to stop them because well, it doesn't exist. Apparently my 4c balance does exist, so they are going to transfer that to my loan and I shouldn't get any more statements. Found out the new debit card that just arrived is actually an eftpos card.

Called Porirua Library to explain that (ex-tenant) doesn't live at Mum's house any more, and could they perhaps ask him next time he's in, where he lives now?

Found out how to purify tap water for a fishpond.

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Things Still To Do:

Chase up non-responsive companies about scaffolding hire.

Phone Child Support and ask them why only partial payment has been coming through each month and what they are doing to recover the rest.

Infiltrate major world religions, seize control of Vatican.