October 21st, 2009


Feats of amazing amazingness

So after yesterday, here's a horse that also believes gravity is still just a theory. You don't have to watch the whole thing (although there is some cool stuff in there) - if you want your eyes to bug out and your mouth to pop open, just skip ahead to 1:35 and watch the next 5 seconds.

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In other news, boys get all the fun stuff. In the bathroom this morning looking for hair product, found a tin with a spaceman on the lid. How come girls don't get tins with spacemen on them? I mean look:

And it's called Guck-in-a-Puck. Seriously, I'd buy that just for the name - but given that I woke up this morning looking like a troll doll and now my hair is relatively presentable, it's a good product too. C'mon ladies hair product makers - get with the program. We don't all take ourselves that seriously...

And.. ferrouswheel is once again off gallivanting round the globe - this time it's San Francisco and he gets Extra Bonus Wednesday. He also gets to go into the Googleplex. I am Teh Envious. Clearly I need to become a boffin.. although somehow I think the social policy academic travel would be a lot drier than the AI stuff. Damn. *goes to learn python*

And in a continuation of the 'gravity' series...

Have some landings at our local airport:

Wellington is notorious for strong norwesters and strong southerlies. Add to this that the airport is on reclaimed land with a Really!Short!Runway! (so short that the larger international flights can't land there), so that the pilot has to slam on the anchors as soon as the plane touches down, and I reckon Wellington probably rates as one of the more exciting airports to fly into. But of course, I haven't been to Nepal or Tibet. I have flown into Johannesburg, which is high altitude and, err.. bouncy to land at, with added OMG747 bonus. But yeah. Neat vid.