October 14th, 2009


Things I have learned today..

GI JOE IS NOT A PERSON! And never was, apparently. And all the GI Joe action figures were never THE GI Joe, because there was never A GI Joe! It was, apparently, a brand of comic that had lots of characters, and GI Joe action figures were NEVER actually called GI Joe! They had names, and everything..

And here's the theme song..

Collapse )

Last night I played house. House music, that is, not dollies and tea sets. Although if I ever get to producing my own music, I'm totally making a house track and calling it 'Dollies and Tea Sets'..



That is all.

Help me choose!

Further to this post, it occurs to me that a basic knowledge of economics might be useful if I want to change the world. The following are available in Trimester 3 of 2010.

Economics and Strategic Behaviour.

Economic Principles and Issues.

Remember here, the other two courses I tagged as 'possible' are either a 200 level Human Resources one, or 100 Level Myth and Ritual, just for fun.

Any advice, input, suggestions would be gratefully accepted. I'm wanting to do my enrolment this week.