October 8th, 2009


End-of-life solutions for old boots

Big ups to LTNZ this morning - I availed myself of their facility for registering vehicles online. More of the onerous arbitrary bureacracy charges should be payable online - for example dog registration. *looks pointedly at council* I don't know if it'd get more people doing it, but it'd sure as hell make my life easier.

More big ups to mudita303 for fluoro gaffer-tape enablement, and thanks to everyone who offered. I have put in a product suggestion with Home of Poi*, so hopefully us home hoopmakers won't have to tolerate this reprehensible no-fluoro-gaffer-tape situation for much longer.

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OK, moral/ethical question of the day - Which is worse out of the following:

1. Mother of 13 year old girl allows daughter to climb inside a large cardboard box on the roof of her van to use her body weight to hold it down.

2. Father of 7 year old boy gets him tattooed with a gang symbol.

Just curious what people think..

* Home of Poi are awesome. They answered my email within 24 hours saying that since they're about to start stocking hoops, it's likely (but not guaranteed) that they'll also stock gaffer tape. Of the other tape suppliers I emailed about sourcing this, not one has replied yet. HoP have also consistently got my orders to me within 2 days of placement, and they offer loyalty discounts that so far have saved me ~$50. If you're a spinner, dabbler, performer or whatever, I thoroughly recommend them for gear and parts. And to those in South Africa (where kevlar is apparently like gold and folks use tightly-bound hessian), these guys consistently have kevlar at reasonable prices.