October 7th, 2009


Lolly shop! I has one!

I got an email from Victoria University the other day. Sadly, it wasn't to offer me half-price courses for next year on a guarantee I'll pass. It was to tell me that they're changing the requirements for a BA. Also, apparently as of next year, all Humanities courses will be worth 20 points, not the 100/18, 200/22, 300/24 they have been.

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Realistically though, lots of the really interesting stuff to do with my field seems to happen at Honours level, and from what I can gather it's only a year, and if I keep up my current marks I might get to skip honours and go straight to Masters (or was it skip Masters and go straight to PhD? Can't remember). But anyway.. yikes. It all seems like it's getting pretty close - if I'm able to do summer trimester courses each year, I'll finish the BA at the end of 2012 - which, in an ironic twist of fate, would be around the time that my offspring either leaves home or goes to university or both.

Then what?