October 1st, 2009


I'd rather have a quagga. It could be my meeting quagga.

For Happy, in the spirit of sharing that he started - QUANGO!


I got told recently that technically, my organisation is one of these. And looking at that wiki reference, I'd agree, it is. Does this also mean that we are a quasi-autonomous bunch of hippies?

Actually, I think it'd be more fun to be one of these.

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Those of you who like chillout electronica and tribal psy, should check out Digital Lama, by the way. He's behind the Afro Zen and Buddha Zen compilations, in conjunction with Soul Candi, and is worth a listen. Also, Deep Dive Corporation.

And, it's Pictures Of Lions night tonight! It's about 7 and I didn't tell anyone to bring anything because it'll be quite short, but if you think you'll die of thirst or starvation, maybe Nibbles For Africa might be a good idea..

Further to yesterday

By some strange coincidence, today's lecture was about prisons. And after it, I'm leaning more and more to the complete or almost-complete abolishment of them. They seem like.. a pointless waste of money, and like a lot of things I'm looking at, the evidence seems to show they aren't achieving any of the things they were brought into being for.

Am I turning into a critical something-or-other-ologist?