September 30th, 2009


Crime and Punishment

I haven't finished reading the latest issue of Filament yet - mostly because I'm falling into bed and going unconscious almost immediately at the moment. However, I've got about halfway through, and I'm really impressed. The improvements since the last issue are amazing! I wasn't one of the ones that voted for the glossy printing, but now I see it like that, I'm sold. I also like the men - even the ones that I don't find particularly attractive. All of the spreads appeal to me in some way or another - and by 'appeal to me' I mean 'appeal to my nethers'. My head might be saying 'not my type' but my body's going "HOTHOTHOT!' And of the articles I've read, all of them have some interest for me.

So yeah, top marks. ;-)

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Gosh. Waffle mode. Ohai, I'm Tats and it's been awhile. At least now I remember why I'm doing this - cos it makes me bend my brain and question myself and my own views. Yes it does. It may not be obvious cos you lot get the results of my having cogitated (count yourselves lucky you don't get the process as well, eh?), but it does.

Someone asked me the other day, "What did you learn in Africa?" I'm still working on that, it's an ephemeral type of learning, but the umbrella term is 'perspective'. How privileged are we in New Zealand to be debating the ins and outs of smacking your children, or internet filtering, really?

Also, everyone I met there was previously unknown to me. It was this many *holds arms out* miles outside the comfort zone of someone who has a cosy life here in NZ and hasn't left the country for three years. Character-building, I say!