September 29th, 2009


Day two, business as usual

We finally have a venue and day sorted for the viewing of Boring Holiday Pics for those who are interested. It'll be Thursday evening at the geek mansion, around 7-ish? Can you let us know if you're interested so we have some idea of how many to expect please? If you don't know the address and want to come, email me..

The volume has been reduced to about 40-ish of the 'good' ones (by my definition) so it won't be a long thing where you see the same flower from 50 different angles - I've sat through enough of those to not inflict that on people.. and after Thursday I'll start posting more Africa pics here for those who aren't local and still care. ;-)

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Today at work I have a meeting at which I will attempt to come from a place of compassion. And then I'll dive headfirst into these impossible deadlines.. wish me luck.