August 28th, 2009


Economy recovers!

At least - according to Tats Power Crane Theory Of Economics it has! Yes folks, over the last little while I've been noticing the number of power cranes on the skyline dwindling - at one point there were only three to be seen in all of Wellington. Today on my way to work I counted SEVEN power cranes! Clearly this is a sign of economic recovery.

No, it couldn't possibly be because the weather's been better lately, of course not. *cough*

Yesterday I spent some time hanging out randomly with someone I have wanted to get to know better for a while. It made my day. ;-)

This weekend: jumping, icecream, sheep, mum, and some timely essay revision. Also, clothes swap! And frantically washing stuff and putting it away where I won't wear it before I leave. And telling the bank I'm going to Africa so they won't think my card's been nicked and cut me off.

PS Last night I dreamed that someone kept making clandestine visits to steal things off my car. I woke up just as I was wiring it up to the mains..