August 26th, 2009


And next I shall read about werewolves!

This morning I woke up with Jesus Christ Superstar running through my head. Not the real version - I don't even know the words to that - the primary school version:

Jesus Christ, Superstar, going round the corner on a Yamaha,
Cops catch up, but he don't care, cos he's wearing supersonic underwear!

Such is my level of maturity.. anybody who wants to give me another earworm (preferably one that won't embarrass me should I unwittingly burst into song), I'd be most grateful.

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Going to see District 9 tonight. I'm told not to expect the usual alien movie. Which means again, my curiosity is piqued and I'm anticipating it with pleasure.

(and also telling myself that my africa won't be like theirs)

Oh, final thing on Strauss and his book - yep, you cynics, I can hear what you're thinking - I may very well have been gamed by the master gamer into buying into his frame. It's true. But the book made me think, a lot, and I like that in a book.

PS I am still full from yesterday's lunch. I think they put something in meeting food.

PPS Please post something, you lot. I am resorting to communities for blogariffic entertainment, and I'm much more interested in your life than in more crap about the health reforms in the US, mmk?


So the latest birther hijinks involve insisting that Obama isn't really American unless he's circumcised, cos that's what we do in these here parts. Or something.

One of the comments on that post:

"When my son was born in a hospital that was done as a matter of routine without even consulting us."

Meanwhile, the CDC is apparently proposing making circumcision mandatory in the US.

Circumcision wank to follow: Dear American health officials, nobody has a right to say what happens to a man's penis except him. This procedure should not even be offered to parents as a choice because it is not their choice to make. What is this, the dark ages? Please to be bringing your penises to me so I can cut bits off them without your permission.

PS condoms stop HIV way better than amputating parts of someone's genitals.

PPS OK men I'm done, you can uncross your legs now.