August 21st, 2009


I suppose I should post something


*gasp* ...


Nope. I got nothing.

(this brought to you by wtfness at radical self-expression wank by email)

In Things To Shock You news, folks from the Woodstock generation still smoke pot! In other news, water is wet, nights are dark and politicians are dodgy.

I think my favourite bit is this quote: ""This continued use poses medical risks to these individuals and is likely to put further strains on the nation's healthcare system." You know, because now that we know this is happening, those people are totally going to use the doctor more than they did last week! I find it funny that the best they can come up with on discovery that some fine upstanding citizens have been smoking pot for coming up 40 years, is that they are putting a potential strain on the healthcare system.

I guess they've got nothing too.

I have

.. joined a few LJ communities lately, mostly because it's been quiet around the place (subtext: get posting, you lot!) and I've been looking for things to read. One of the communities I joined is a kind of "What would you do?" style thing for parents - like, a person poses a dilemma and folks give their answer and explain why. As far as parenting communities go it's pretty good. There are no cutesy photos of strangers' babies or silly gaga comments and the dilemmas are usually gnarly enough to keep me interested, and also get some good opinions which, you know, might help me with my lack of an instruction book.

Anway, today someone posted asking if you had twins would you dress them the same. There was the usual set of answers, then I saw this:

"I'd make them matching, although obviously if it were a girl and a boy, I wouldn't put the boy in a dress."

And I had to restrain myself* from leaving a wanky comment expressing my taken abackness at the whole gender bias of that comment. OBVIOUSLY boys shouldn't wear dresses! *gnarg*

Boys, please wear dresses. It's a stupid thing, that expectation that you will be hot and uncomfortable and cut up the crotch by your pants at all times for the sake of your 'masculine' impression, and your clothing choices are being limited by it. The only way you'll get to experience the pleasure of a skirt swishing around your legs as part of your day-to-day life is to bulldoze this silly cultural 'rule' by flouting it. And the only way mothers will stop OBVIOUSLY dressing their boys in only pants is if they see that boys are still boys even if they wear dresses and that it's a stupid rule. And the only way I'll get to enjoy more of your legs on windy days too *cough*

* You would have been proud of me