August 19th, 2009


Of peacocks, lines and seduction

I managed to lay my hands on a copy of The Game. It's pretty easy and entertaining reading - everything else aside, the guy is a personable writer. I'm about 20% through it and so far, he's still human. He's at the point where he's having success in getting women to talk to him, and is noticing that the more he learns, the wider the gulf between him and women has become. He says at the end of chapter 7 that he's beginning to see women as projects to be tackled rather than as people just like him, and I get the feeling he's not comfortable with that at this point in his adventure. I am interested at what point he stops caring about that..

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And just for laughs, I'm alternating my reading time between The Game and The Ethical Slut. It's amazing how much of the information is similar, given the almost polar opposite applications.