August 12th, 2009


If Wikipedia can publish it, why not Filament?

Cock*. Schlong. Pork sword (thanks Juno!). Marble column of manliness (I kid you not). Weiner. Member. Willy. One eyed trouser snake. Johnson. Choad. Wang. There are probably almost as many names for penises as there are people who have one. Which is roughly 50% of the population. This doesn't take into account folks with bifurcated penises or John Wayne Bobbit, by the way.

Anyway, the point is, they're a pretty common phenomenon. Chances are, the vast majority of people who are able to read this have seen one. And it's also a pretty fair bet that most people who are reading this have seen one in its erect state. If you haven't, look here (wikipedia page). OK, now you have.

I have a question: the times when you've seen an erect penis, have you been offended by it?

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tl;dr: Erection campaign (SFW) - half way to getting what we want.

* With apologies to ferlengheti's friends page.
** Men! Do you find ALL PUSSY, ALL THE TIME! to be insulting to your intelligence? Is this assumption that men want to see bits wide open in every picture just that - an assumption, and you've accepted it because nothing else is available? Or is page after page of gaping girl parts exactly what you're after in your visual erotica? I'm curious.
*** This opens a can of worms regarding the assumption that women don't like porn, who holds it and why, but other folks have discussed this far more eloquently than I ever could.